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Probate Court Can Do Better

  • Allow a law clinic for needy families.

  • Modernize to improve speed and transparency.

  • 24/7 availability to assist with mental health.

Meet David Brannon

An area attorney recently said;
“We need great judges who are not only specialists in the law, but are also human beings who can relate to and understand a vast array of people, problems, and life situations. David Brannon is this kind of servant leader.” 

No matter a person’s race, economic status or gender, David believes people want a judge or lawyer that is dedicated to hard work, competent in the law and cares about people. 

After graduation from University of Dayton school of Law David limited his legal practice to probate law, advocating for clients and helping them navigate the legal system when faced with the greatest challenges life can throw. David understands what families need when seeking guidance, including compassion for people and speedy results from the court. David has handled hundreds of probate cases including guardianships, estates, will contests, mental health and numerous other probate matters. 

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Why Probate Court?

The Probate Court administers cases for residents in matters including adoptions, marriages, guardianships, estates, mental health and many other life-changing events. As a married father of three young girls, David recognizes that this court is extremely important to families. He has represented clients and served as an attorney, trustee, guardian, executor, administrator and power of attorney in Probate cases. He is fully aware of what that means to families and family struggles, and what a court must be doing to help citizens and attorneys navigate the Probate Court.  The process must be efficient, fair and accessible. 

David’s record shows he is a hard worker and has performed ample community service. He fights hard for clients and justice. He is not a political appointee of any court, but will treat all people involved in that Court equally and objectively. Probate Court is truly a governmental entity that should serve as such from birth through death.

Endorsed by Michael L. Wright

Ohio State Bar Association Certified Specialist in Probate Law

Endorsed by:

Federal Order of Police
unions 117, 92 and 44.

Dayton Fraternal Order of Police Lodge No. 44;

Fraternal Order of Police Ohio
Lodge # 117

Kettering Suburban FOP
Lodge #92.

Experience matters… 

David has litigated hundreds of matters in other courts, all the way through the Ohio Supreme Court and Federal Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. Probate litigation is on the rise generally. Whether that increase is due to demographic changes of the population or legislative expansion of areas of concurrent jurisdiction, probate courts are getting busier, in the litigation cases. Fiduciary litigation, collections and fraud-type cases are now frequently determined in the probate court. When types of matters that are exclusively tried only in the probate court such as estate administrations and guardianships involve other areas of law like contracts or collections, a probate court judge must have experience knowing the substantive areas of the law. David’s experience in litigation brings that breadth of knowledge to the bench.


Vote David Brannon for Probate Court On November 3, 2020